CAMILO SEPTIMO present their new studio album, “ECOS”

Camilo Séptimo is one of the most promising Mexican bands of today, their sound ranges from rock and alternative indie, to a new approach within pop music. From their album covers, to their music videos and live shows, they are known for creating a sonic atmosphere that is reflected in each of the visual experiences they offer, where the lighting, the abstract and spatial visuals stand out, in a way that communicates an intricate duality of human relationships in each of their releases.

Following an astonishing reception of their debut EP, Maya, Camilo Séptimo introduced first LP;Óleos, in 2017, which kicked off with a successful Mexican tour that took them all over the country, performing at important venues such as theLunario del Auditorio Nacional, Plaza Condesaand Teatro Metropólitan, achieving sold outs in each one.
For 2022 the band continues expanding its international footprint, as reflected both digitally and in their shows. The release of “ECOS”, this May 19, is a clear evidence of their evolving sound through 20 tracks featuring a compelling narrative through the lyrics, sound and visuals. Featuring collaborations by Francisca Valenzuela,Ximena Sariñana, Samantha Barrón, Porter andErvin River, this album transcends musical genres through Camilo Séptimo’s unique style.


Upcoming live performances include a tour alongside Francisca Valenzuela across 16 cities in the United States from late July to mid-August, plus the confirmation of a mega event at Palacio de Los Deportes this October 1st, which has been received very well by the Mexican audience since its pre-sale!