HOLLYWOOD FOREVER announces RAFAEL CORONEL as the Artist Of The Year!

the annual Día y Noche de los Muertos will honor Mexican artist Rafael Coronel. In a tribute to his artistry, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery will display seven reproductions of his paintings and display over 200 masks in an exhibit that plays homage to the Zacatecas Museum, which carries his name.

Aligned with Mexican traditions observing the Day of the Dead, the distinct event will provide a glimpse of the treasures held by the Rafael Coronel Museum. The exhibition will artfully showcase the rich tapestry of the cultural and historical connections inherent in the collection of masks sourced from across Mexico. Coronel was famously known as “the man of a thousand masks” for his extensive collection. Each mask holds a one-of-a-kind essence, encapsulating visions, and experiences from its unique historical background. The rich craftsmanship of mask making has been passed down for centuries, playing an integral role in cultures and spiritual essence on the views of life and death.

Throughout Mesoamerican mythology, the concept of life and death has a fundamental role within cultural traditions. Masks, “máscaras,” have been skillfully crafted since the Pre-classic Olmec era, persisting through the periods of the classic Mayan and Teotihuacan civilizations. This enduring practice continued as a result of the arrival of the Europeans in the early 16th century. In company with dance rituals, masks serve as a bridge between distinct cultures, allowing them to communicate narratives despite language barriers. Masks give character to the person wearing them, embodying the collective beliefs and religious views of the community they represent.

The masks set for display are connected to dances, encompassing all of the traditional elements within the celebration of the Day of the Dead. Masks embody stories, symbolizing transformation, and empowerment, serving as a continuation of cultural respect for those who came before us and where we are now. The Rafael Coronel Museum will present a selection of hundreds of masks that will be reproduced from its remarkably extensive collection, showcasing the beautiful and distinctive mask traditions of Mexico. The Museum continues to do important work in the archiving and conservation of masks, upholding their significance.

 DIA DE LOS MUERTOS (9am-3pm)  Experience the beauty of cultural rituals and artistic performances in the warm embrace of the sun. Delight in the enchanting Children’s Village and explore over 150 Aztec dancers and performers on four spectacular stages. Indulge in delectable food, captivating crafts, and the spirit of togetherness. Los Angeles’ popular DJs, from Altura art gallery studio space located in Lincoln Heights, are set to fuse their beats at the daytime event. Among them are DJ Fuego, celebrated for his residencies at renowned bars, and DJ Fondo, co-founder of the monthly cumbia dance party collective ¡Dinamita!, in addition to Disco Rolas & DJ Cozmic Vibes.


Join us for one of the most vibrant celebrations of Día de los Muertos,

where day and night come alive with the magic of Mexican traditions!

 NOCHE DE LOS MUERTOS (5pm-12am)  As the sun sets, the festivities reach new heights. Prepare to be mesmerized by the electrifying beats of Bomba Estereo, as they ignite the night with their sensational music. Join the jubilant crowd as we dance under the stars, celebrating life and paying tribute to our beloved ancestors. For the nighttime event you can look forward to beats presented by Nochenegra, a vinyl party founded by DJ Mar, along with the opportunity to see DJ El Keamo play as well.

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