Irene Diaz is releasing ‘My Sweetest Sin – Live Version’ onMay 8followed by a raw and sensual video recorded, directed, and produced by Irene and partner Carolyn Cardoza (out May 22). She is also releasing her LIVE EP on May 22 via Cosmica Artists, a full album in the works about identity and expression. Pre-add/Pre-Save My Sweetest Sin – Live Version HERE. Throughout her life, Irene Diaz has always been about The Search and this album is about that and more. LIVE EP has captivating melodies and richly nuanced ambience, it serves as the perfect bridge between her earlier work and the new full bodied pop sounds. Pre-Add/Pre-Save LIVE EP HERE.

Recorded Live in West Hollywood, Irene serenades a crowd of two on a rainy evening on the roof top of a hotel. The servers can be heard in the background, clinking bottles in the other room. The songs on LIVE EP are the essence of an artist who was finding her way and has now arrived at a point where there is no question of who she is or where she is headed. “I Love You Madly” is a staple song that Irene has grown with over the years, it is the warmth of a lover. “My Sweetest Sin”, arranged in a whole new way, is the yearning for a lover to follow you into the “darkness”. “Another Observer”, the piano arrangement created by her wife Carolyn Cardoza, is about the sadness that comes with crushing on someone who is with another. “You” is the celebration of finding a love that allows you to be free.


1. Another Observer (Live Version)
2. You (Live Version)
3. My Sweetest Sin (Live Version)
4. I Love You Madly (Live Version)